EST 393 Project Management


Project management is about getting projects done, efficiently and effectively. This course walks through fundamental project management concepts and skills needed to successfully initiate, lead, monitor, control, and realize projects execution. Successful project managers skillfully manage their scope, resources, schedules, and risks to produce a desired outcome. In this course, students explore project management with a practical approach through case studies and group projects.

Course plan

  1. Introduction

  2. Scope

  3. Project team/stakeholders

  4. Scheduling

  5. Budgets and costs

  6. Risk management

  7. Resource planning and management

  8. Project monitoring and control

  9. Project closure and termination

  10. Microsoft Project Demo

  11. PMI Long Island Meeting

  12. Why projects fail

  13. Recap, professional responsibility

  14. Presentations

Case studies

  • Chilean Mine Rescue

  • Highline Park

  • Seoul Chonggyecheon

  • SpaceX and Tesla

  • ARPA-E

  • Boeing787&Boeing737Max

  • Boston Big Dig

  • Cincinnati Subway

  • Denver Airport Baggage System

  • Florida Condo Clash

  • Tacoma Bridge

  • California and China HSR

  • Texas 2021 Freeze Power Outage

  • U.S. COVID-19 Response

  • Huoshenshan Field Hospital

  • Haitian Earthquake Relief