Energy, Environment, Sustainability Jobs RSS to track academic job openings.

Environmental, Energy, and Sustainability Fellow Programs that lists those postdoc fellowships that provide great resources for research.

How to get into ERG? The Energy and Resources Group, University of California, Berkeley.

My Faculty Job Search Experience in the U.S. (in Chinese).

Faculty job search reference for random stuff that might be useful

Recommended links:

A Personal Introduction to Opportunities and Resources for: Research and Activism in Energy and Environmental Science & Policy (by Professor Daniel Kammen)

Interdisciplinary Master’s and Ph.D. Programs focusing on energy, environment and sustainability (by Dr. Joanna Lewis)

Professor Matt Might's articles

Ph.D. Resources ( by Dr. Shanjun Li, Cornell University)


Energy Environment Economics Publication RSS to track recent publications in one single click.

University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. Dissertation Template to help prepare your manuscript.

Energy-Environmental Systems Research Resources at Stony Brook University.

Stony Brook University Poster Template, 48x36 standard size, unofficial, see my sample.

Unofficial Stony Brook University Visiting Scholar/Student Paper Work Guide.

Brookhaven Dual Stream Recycling Schedule, Google Calendar (you can copy this calendar ID: 68j2ck2cqota049urlc1vamk6s@group.calendar.google.com to "Other calendars" -> "Add other calendars" -> "Subscribe to calendar" -> "Add calendar" in your Google Calendar, and go to https://calendar.google.com/calendar/syncselect and select the calendar so you can access it on your phone).


KQ's Gallery

The Places that I visited over the years, a world map in my heart.

Random Gallery reminds me the time I spent with my family, friends and colleagues.

Yellowstone campground maps.

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