Course plan

Part I: Climate Change Basics

E-module 1: Introduction to E-learning and Climate Change

E-module 2: Direct Observations of Climate Change

E-module 3: Natural and Anthropocentric Drivers of Climate Change

E-module 4: Climate Change Models and Scenarios

Part II: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

E-module 5: Adaptive Management of Climate Change Impacts

E-module 6: Ecosystems

E-module 7: Land Use

E-module 8: Water Resources

E-module 9: Communities and Human Health

Part III: Climate Change Mitigation

E-module 10: Mitigation of Climate Change Impacts

E-module 11: Biological and Inorganic Carbon Sequestration

E-module 12: Renewable Energy and Nuclear Power

E-module 13: Energy Efficiency and Reduced Consumption

E-module 14: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Mitigation Measures

Part IV: Climate Change Policy and Social Change

E-module 15: Global Climate Change Policy

E-module 16: Regulatory Instruments

E-module 17: Human Behaviour and Social Change

Examination and Evaluation