Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation

“Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation” is an interdisciplinary E-learning course offered by the University of Copenhagen in close cooperation with Oxford University, UC Berkeley and the Danish Meteorological Institute.

With the efforts of the Teacher Team coordinated by Christian Bugge Henriksen, we have developed a comprehensive course plan which covers the climate change basics, climate change impact and adaptation, climate change mitigation, climate change policy and social change. I taught the following three E-module:

E-module 12: Renewable Energy and Nuclear Power

E-module 13: Energy Efficiency and Reduced Consumption

E-module 15: Global Climate Change Policy

The online teaching and learning experiences were awesome. It was also great to work together with the E-God: Christian Bugge Henriksen, E-Mom: Marin Ripsam, and E-Siblings: Alexandra Rodler, Kristine Bogomazova, Philippe Herkrath, Sarah Herrmann, and Inez Harker Smith (2011); Monica Ortiz, Jev Bluwstein, Kristine Bogomazova, Alex Dubgaard, Mihaela Frin, and Teresa Zoelch (2012).